Sunday, 6 December 2009

Silent Night Candle

Just preparing for tomorrows Silent Night Class, the last project we will make is a large gift candle. Such an easy technique but always has the wow factor.

All you need is some tissue paper and wax paper. If you can't find wax paper (the bag inside your cereal packet is normally wax paper, you can smooth it out and use it) you can substitute greaseproof paper. I do find the wax paper does give the best finish though.

Stamp your image onto the tissue paper, cut closely around the image. Cut a piece of wax paper large enough to cover the tissue and big enough so you can hold it tightly at the back of the candle. Put your image on the candle then place your wax paper over the top and hold it tightly. You then need to use a heat gun and heat over the image. As the image sinks into the wax it looks wet and shiny so you can move on to another area.

Finally carefully peel off the wax paper and your image will have transferred to the candle.
TFL Sarah


  1. I was just passing by here and i came across your post.I like the candle which is in the picture and i go through your post.I have made such candle and its so beautiful not perfect like this but then also its good.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Silent Night Candle is looks so awesome. I like your idea about this art. How you can done all this things and makes this candle so beautiful. I want to buy this candle. And Thanks !!